PSP Gets One Last Chance (Again)

I am not sure how many times I have written that I am giving my PSP one final chance to make itself useful; dare I say worthy of not sitting in my dresser drawer. Each time I write something along these lines I threaten to sell the PSP; cash it in for something while the cashing is good.

There are a couple of problems with this approach. First, my original PSP-1000 (AKA “the brick”) is old and dated. It is not really worth that much on the open market, with limited trade in value. It is kind of hard to just throw it away, so I keep holding on, holding out hope that our love will rekindle. Second, when I want portable gaming, I actually need something to help me waste away the hours. I could go in the iPad/iTouch direction, but I actually like being able to play a decent sports game on the PSP. The DS is always an option; nothing like a good Mario game for a long trip.

I am going to be out of country for a few days next week, with one of those long-ass European flights heading my direction. This is the perfect opportunity for portable gaming, music, and movies. My little proprietary 4GB PSP memory stick Duo may hold a couple of movies, but little else. If I want to really increase my capacity, I will have to layout close to $60 to move up to a 16GB Duo stick, which of course is worthless because my iTunes movies and music will not play on a PSP. Unless of course some of my iTunes media is DRM free; not sure if there is a quick and easy way to check.

Even if I get past all the iTunes library and memory storage issues, the PSP-1000 has such a short battery life that I own two batteries; this allows me to keep throwing juice at the PSP for those long 10 hour trips. When Sony gets serious about the PSP2 (or whatever it will be called), 12+ hours of battery life is an absolutely minimum requirement.

I am looking at my PSP library and just do not see a whole lot that is captivating, and most of the games are downright worthless on the secondhand markets. I will probably pick up MLB 10 and/or FIFA 10 World Cup, and maybe one other game just to give me a distraction.

Maybe after this trip, my PSP and I will come to some sort of common agreement with mutual satisfaction. If not, well, I guess it is back to the drawer for my chastised brick.


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