Really old Minis coming to a PSP near you?

Lock ‘n’ Chase? Maybe even Burgertime? I stumbled upon this article earlier this morning during my coffee time.

There was once a time and place where I would keep up with all the classic games and collections as they were released onto newer platforms. From a historical standpoint I wanted to see the classics of my youth preserved for future prosperity. I also enjoyed playing them again on a modern system (say PSX, PS2, now PS3) because I no longer had to drag out my older consoles – Intellivision, Colecovision, NES, etc.

I would gladly throw a few bucks ($2.99 would be a fair price) for Lock ‘n’ Chase and Burgertime. Hopefully these games will be released individually instead of being inclusive to a more expensive collection.


2 thoughts on “Really old Minis coming to a PSP near you?”

  1. They are coming out just like you mentioned – individual titles as Minis for PSP and PS3 on PSN. Lock ‘n’ Chase came out on June 8th and more classic arcade games are coming…

  2. Thanks for the heads up – I may pick up a few including Lock ‘n’ Chase, which is one of my favorites for the Intellivision.

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