RPGing – One hour at a time …

My gaming time on weeknights is often pretty limited due to real life influences – work, family, you know the drill. I think I am a nut for trying to tackle White Knight Chronicles: International (WKC:I) in this manner. A week after the game was released I am sure there are plenty of folks finished with the game, or at least a good deal of the way completed, and of course they are making glorious online cities.

Not me. I am making my way through this one bit by precious bit. Last night I got in 45-60 minutes, but died right before the next save point, which probably cost me 20 minutes of in-game time. That is almost half an hour of my life that I will never get back. Oops!

I am enjoying WKC:I, but I have not really explored any of the deeper aspects of the combat (combos), skill system, guilds, or item enhancements. At some point I may actually read the manual to see what is what; doubt I will immediately jump into any forums looking for hits, cheats, guidebooks and the like. At least not year.

It has been a while since I have attempted to tackle an RPG, so when I ordered WKC:I I sort of ignored the fact that I have a couple of newer titles sitting on the shelf, FFXIII is looming, and that I never made a solid commitment to Oblivion. The good news is that I am having fun with WKC:I, and if I can continue to show steady progress playing the game a few hours a week, I may have a virtual RPG re-birth. In the past I never considered 30-60 minute RPGing sessions as a valid way to play these titles; times change.


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