WKC:I – Inside the Review Scores

I have been watching the first week of WKC:I review scores with interests. Universally the critics are panning the game; 63 metascore (11 critic reviews). Compare with an 8.5 user rating (84 user votes) and something is amiss.

Several things could be a play. First, the game could completely suck, but fanboys of JRPGs are defending the game. Second, most reviewers could care less about JRPGs; they are so “yesterday” which reflects in the attitude of some of the reviews with comments about PS2 graphics, outdated game mechanics, and a clumsy combat system. Finally, WKC:I has the distinction of not being FFXIII. If WKC:I was released six months ago, to some extent the first two points would still be valid, but the game would not have to overcome being released four weeks from FFXIII.

I have not played enough to form a real opinion other than the game does not seem terrible; it’s just too soon for me to tell. Because FFXIII looms, WKC:I will either hit the discount rack in a few weeks, and it has the potential to become a collectable, cult classic. Based on the early reviews, there is no way that this one will get a subsequent printing.

For me the real test will be to see if WKC:I can hold my attention long enough to continue to progress and comment on the game, or if it quickly falls by the wayside. I only have so much disposable free time, so a game has to be interesting, rewarding, and offer a steady progression on improvement (i.e. fair gameplay) for me to stick it out.


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