White Knight Chronicles – Or how to piss off your fan base.

I still have not decided what to do with White Knight Chronicles International. I know if I purchase it I will not have enough time to play, or get my money’s worth. Besides there is that backlog of RPGs that I mentioned yesterday, but I digress.

This article from the “official” PlayStation Blog is sure to royally tick off some folks.

For those of you who are going to be investing significant time in your characters, there will be an option to remake them without having to start the game over by purchasing a special key through the PlayStation Store for only $4.99. This will allow you to redesign your avatar at any point and keep all that hard work you’ve put in intact. This feature will go live this Thursday on the PlayStation Store.

Ouch! I am sure it is considered innovative to change your character’s appearance mid-game, but charging almost $5 to make the change (and of course keep your current progression) is just a bit much. Oh well, with the cost of modern game development, I guess Sony has to figure out how to squeeze additional revenue sources from its games.

Still, I think it would have been better to wait on this announcement. Instead it sort of comes off as “F-you! We know you will pay anyway!”


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