Twisted, DS, and MUT Chemistry

February is here, with promises of great Super Bowl Sunday football (Lord I hope for a Colts victory), V-Day and inappropriate lingerie (keeping my fingers crossed), the start of a new NASCAR season, and yes of course, a brand new month for me to rehash old videogames. Yes, I am a broke bloke.

PS3 Gets Twisted
Over the weekend PlayStation LifeStyle ran an article that sort of, kind of, hinted (hopefully confirmed) that a re-boot of Twisted Metal is on the way. Twisted Metal 1 and 2 are still all-time favorites. Not so much with the others, but Black was a distant third.

Silly rabbit, DS is for kids!
In Retrospective: Listen, We Have to Talk, EuroGamer writer John Walker waxes and wanes about the dark days of mass market gaming on the DS. This is a great read, and any gamers with kids will be sure to appreciate how far the DS has fallen. Sure, there are still some gems to be found, if you can escape the sticky sweet goo from all the “my pretty pink princess pony pet shop” games.

MUT Chemistry
I dedicated time to eight Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) articles last week, so it would be a major contradiction to start off a new month without another daily dose of MUT. This time I will keep it brief.

In theory your team can be much better than the ratings indicate. How? By playing around with something called chemistry, and while I have a BS in Mathematics, I usually looked at the hot chick’s ass in chemistry class.

As you can tell from past MUT articles, I have not had time to concentrate on building a team with any sort of chemistry; instead I have concentrated in survival. If I could build a decent base, I could turn my attention towards my chemistry rating, but for now that seems to be a way off.

The good news is that just by playing around with my depth chart I was able to improve my chemistry several points (to 59), hopefully allowing me to put off a few contracts from expiring for another two or three games.

As mentioned yesterday, right now my MUT strategy is threefold and fairly simple. I do not want to have to inject a lot of “real” money, I do my best to hold on to any Bronze 70 rated cards, and I try to make judicious use of selling cards in the auction house to help fund new Bronze (and hopefully one day, Silver) packs. Right now I am just trying to put together a decent team with 70ish rated cards. Much like that hot girl’s ass, chemistry will have to wait. And no, I never really had a chance with that girl, but I landed pretty damn well.

Happy Monday!


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