God of War III (March 16) – Still Sitting on the Fence

I wonder if I am the only PS3 owner in existence that is kind of lukewarm on GoW:III, which is being released March 16. I am sure it is going to be the next great “all that and a bag of chips” game of the year experience, but I doubt I would come close to getting my money’s worth.

The days of buying everything on release day, just for the experience, are for the most part a thing of my past. Besides, I suck at this type of button pressing, real time strategic, action adventure game. Also, I never got around to playing GoW:I, much less GoW:II, but I saw in the Sunday paper that this week Best Buy has a deal for me – GoW Collection, complete with pretty HD graphics for only $29.99. In fact, I think it is now generally available at this new low, low price. Joy!


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