MUT – Will Auctions Save My Soul?

When we last met I had 18 Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) contracts ready to expire and only ~500 coins in the bank. I started judiciously working the auction house; sell, sell, sell. I managed to get enough coins to buy another Bronze pack and still have ~270 coins remaining, but this is where I made my second mistake.

Early on in this journey I wrote that I lost valuable contracts when I quit a game during halftime of the Vikings/Saints NFC Championship game. That was my first mistake; even a loss earns you some coins. If you are gaming on the cheap, and do not want to throw real money at MUT, you need to complete all games. Earning something is better than nothing, especially when you consider that you really need some return on investment for burning contracts.

My second mistake was purchasing a pack of cards that put me over the 55 player card limit. Oops! I thought I would quickly recover by putting more cards up for auction, but no dice. Those are still considered part of your collection until they are sold, which makes sense or all the rich kids would seriously game the system.

I had to make some decisions on burning 5 cards. As my dad use to say “That really burns me up!” – yes, pun intended, but have to get in a reference to my dad when talking fantasy football, which is really an aspect of MUT.

After discarding those “extra” cards, using a couple of contract cards to extend what I consider valuable players (70s are good in my book), I have managed to put together a team that is rated 64, with a chemistry rating of 59. When I play my next game I will have 8 contracts expire, which is manageable, and I have two players with cards that expire in 2 games. Once again, I consider this manageable. To protect myself a little, I took about half of those contracts that are about to expire and lowered this on the depth chart. I actually had a chemistry of 39 before I mixed things up a little, so I will probably try to drop those cards in the auction later today.

This could play out a little better over my next 2-3 games. I still do not have the luxury of buying Silver packs; 1500 coins seems way out of reach. I do have $4 or so in my PSN bank, so I may finally do the needful and procure one Silver pack, just to get in on the fun of some better players. For now I am trudging a long, still mired in mediocrity, but loving the challenge of trying to build an “ultimate” team on the cheap.

Anyone interested in the Browns Home uniforms or a Jim Zorn card? I cannot give those away at Auction!


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