NFL Championship Sunday

This is the glorious day that the Lord has made – for Championship football! Not much has changed since I wrote about the AFC and NFC Championship games last Monday. The Colts and Saints are still favored, but there seems to be a ton of momentum from the pundits that favors the Jets in an upset over the Colts.

Colts over the Jets
I really do not see the Jets pulling this one out, but the reasoning from the so called “experts” is that Rex Ryan’s defenses are so damn complicated, that the Jets are going to confuse Peyton Manning with various blitz packages. I think that logic is flawed, and while the game may be close, the Cots win. Maybe not cover, but win nonetheless. Besides, even if this one is a low scoring game, the Falcons and Matt Ryan beat the Jets in a “must win” game for the Jets, and Atlanta (like a lot of other teams) made Mark Sanchez look like a rookie. The Colts will do the same.

Vikings over the Saints
Besides wanting the Vikings to upset the Saints, I think they will for a couple of reasons. First, the Falcons easily exposed the Saints – their defense cannot handle a decent rushing attack. Second, the Vikings defense should put pressure on Brees; of course he is capable of handling pressure, but I think Brees will be forced into a mistake or two which may make a difference in this high scoring game. The X Factor here may be Percy Harvin; if he is out, Minnesota will have a difficult time winning.

Regardless of the winners, I expect two great football games; cannot wait to crack open a bottle of Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout to enjoy on this nasty stormy day.


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