Todd Grantham DC at UGA

Mark Richt finally convinced someone to take the defensive coordinator job at the University of Georgia. I guess $750K will land someone sooner or later! Todd Grantham, currently the d-line coach of the Dallas Cowboys, is set to become the third highest paid assistant in all of college football.

Now the question that looms for Dawgs fans everywhere – is Grantham a good hire? According to the,

Grantham, 43, started his coaching career under Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech (1990-95) and then coached under Nick Saban at Michigan State (1996-98). Since 1999, Grantham has coached in the NFL.

I know next to nothing about Grantham, but he has been under some solid college coaches and from a defensive perspective, Wade Phillips is no slouch. Apparently Phillips thinks very highly of Grantham.

“It’s been great having Todd,” Phillips said. “He’s contributed a tremendous amount to the defense. He’s grossly overqualified to be a defensive line coach. I knew he would be a coordinator pretty quickly or even a head coach. I think he’s got all those qualities. We really appreciate what he’s done and he’ll finish up strong here.”

Knowing next to nothing about the Dawgs’ new DC, I have to say that I like the hire. He is young, and as previously mentioned, has worked under some top notch talent. Keeping my fingers crossed that Grantham is very successful with the Dawgs!


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