Falcons-Saints (first half notes)

The Saints are up 28-14 at the half. ATL should have gone into the half trailing by a respectable seven points, but Ryan threw a pick-six with less than a minute to go. Too bad because the game was even at 14 a few minutes ago when I started putting this article together! For what it is worth (absolutely nothing) the replay showed that Roddy White was knocked out of the play on your basic version of a football pick and roll. Not sure how illegal contact (or some other pass interference penalty) was not called on that one!

Win or lose, maybe Turner is back, which will only mean good things for the Falcons the rest of the way. Turner has broken a couple of long ones including a nice 35+ yarder, netting a solid 90’ish yards in the first half. Turner looks like he is on fresh legs tonight; he does not look like he is running in mud. I have to wonder if the Falcons will stick with Turner in the second half, or if ATL will panic now that they are down by two TDs.

Grimes hasn’t done it for me (or the Falcons) this year. I keep reading that he is athletic, but that has not really paid off until he made an amazing high jump type interception. It should make highlight reels; it was very impressive.

Jenkins dropped an easy pass that would have given the Falcons a nice first down inside of the 15 yard line. Instead of getting a new set of downs, and a shot at going up 21-14, ATL had to settle for a 34 yard field goal. Too bad Elam hit the left post, which sucks because 17-14 would have been better than 14-14. Right now 28-17 would have been helpful. Elam also missed a 51 yarder at the end of the half. Not sure you could call it a miss; that is being too generous.

When does Abraham start getting some sacks? The defense is getting decent pressure on Brees, including a nasty sack, resulting in a fumble returned for a TD. Can the Falcons sustain the pressure, without exposing the secondary?

Saints get the ball first to open the third quarter, so things will go down in a hurry if the Falcons do not pick up a quick stop or two.


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