Marauder Groups

I have not posted any .22 Marauder groups, so I decided that a post or two was in order. I got in a lot of trigger time yesterday (and am still getting more today) as I tried various things to fix my leaking Marauder. While I do have a problem with my Marauder, there are a couple of positives to point out. First, using the Hill hand pump has given me a ton of exercise! If I stay with the Marauder and PCP, I can see the light (almost) of going scuba. Second, I really like the Marauder. For backyard shooting it is a ton of fun; that repeater is just silly – load up four clips, and blow through 40 pellets in a manner of minutes!

.22 Marauder Groups

.22 Marauder punching paper

I know these results are not by any stretch great (probably average at best), but for my purposes I think they are pretty darn good. First, I was shooting in the 2200-1900 psi range, so I am not coming close to maximizing the potential of the gun. Second, I was shooting at about 65 feet from a sitting position. In other words I bet the results would have been better off a bench. The top view is a picture of ten shots. If you take the time to count the holes, you will notice that I landed five shots in the center hole around the crosshair. Not too shabby!

In the early days of the Marauder I was getting a load failure about 1 out of 20 shots. This eased to 1 out of 30, and now I cannot think of the last time this happened. The problem occurred when the bolt got stuck and did not load the pellet properly, or maybe even loaded two pellets! I am not sure if this was a breaking in period, or maybe just user error since this is my first repeater.

All in all, except for the problem with the leak, I am pretty pleased with the Marauder. It is a real treat to shoot in the backyard.


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  1. JCalvert, Good morning. I was able to shoot both HW50S .22 and .177 this weekend (between rain events)and have posted additional information to the original post HW50S + 1. Hope it answers a few more questions for you.

    Have a good day sir,


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