Home again.

As much fun as it is going on vacation, it is always a welcome relief to be home again and back into a normal routine; as in getting up at the crack of nothingness, looking for interesting news stories, enjoying a cup of the delicious black stuff, and putting together articles.

The news stories are going to have to wait. I am beat. I could not believe the traffic yesterday. The trip down to the beach took less than 4 hours, including one stop. I was particularly pleased about only stopping once; with three kids, that was kind of amazing. Yesterday the return trip home took a good 5+ hours. Traffic was ridiculous.

Upcoming this week – will Georgia be ready for South Carolina? Will the Falcons be able to return to the playoffs? More Marauder updates. A Weber Q 220 update – first tailgate is September 13. I am sure there will even be a video game story or two thrown in for good measure.


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