Will Chrome be released for the PS3 and PSP?

Could the PS3 and PSP get a new browser in the near future? According the Brutal Gamer, if you connect the dots, a Chrome release is likely to happen.

To be honest the introduction of Chrome on the PS3 or PSP would be an absolute god send. The current browser is fast, almost as fast as Firefox and Chrome and certainly beats the pants off of IE but it needs better integration, more functionality and a streamlined experience. I’m certain that a lot of people spend a scant among of time using the browser on their PS3 but for the occasions that I do use it, knowing that a more feature rich browser like Chrome is under the hood would give me greater confidence. I think it would ultimately encourage me to use the system more for my browsing needs rather than get up off the sofa and goto the PC or laptop.

I am not a big fan of the PS3 or PSP browser, so I would welcome a switch to Chrome. Hope it happens!


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