PSP Go again.

It has been a while (a few days; maybe a week) since I last posted about the PSP Go. Just came across this “unboxing” of a PSP Go at CVG via NG4.

Most of the user comments focus on the price, which at $249 is a little high, but I am still more focused on what sort of UMD trade in program Sony may offer.

I will probably make a decision this week to purchase or punt. If I decide to wait, then I am going to hold out for a price cut. Of course if I make the decision to preorder a PSP Go, then I am all in. I have never had much luck turning in UMDs for cash via eBay so I hope that Sony gives PSP owners some sort of incentive program to “upgrade” to the all digital PSP Go format.


2 thoughts on “PSP Go again.”

  1. Judging by all the Craigslist ads for hacked PSPs and DVDs full of games, I wonder what the used market for PSP games is like.

    Even if it’s weaker than those for other consoles and handhelds, at least with media, you have the option of re-selling the game, which you wouldn’t have with downloads.

    And I predict download pricing won’t be any different than UMDs. Heard a podcast where they claim Sony wanted to release Warhawk download for less than the Blu Ray version but that would have upset retailers.

    I understand them wanting to copy the iTunes app. store model — in fact they’re trying to entice some iPhone games developers to make games for the PSP. But Apple doesn’t have this packaged media legacy nor are they dependent on retail chains for distributing their hardware.

    Plus, Sony and Nintendo are still reliant on selling a number of $40 games. Can they really get 99 cents games into the mix?

  2. Hi wco81 – My experience with the PSP used game market has been very poor. It is rare that I can even clip close to $10.

    I am not sure about the whole iTunes price point, but they have to give some sort of incentive to digital users, right? If not, that will suck major eggs.

    I keep thinking about pushing the order button, but always turn away and get something else – games, new PCP airgun, new tailgating grill. Anything except the PSP Go. That says something!

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