Wii Fit Price Breakdown

The September 2009 issue of Money has an interesting page that gives a breakdown of the cost of Wii Fit, which retails for $90.

  • $45 Profit – Half of the cost of Wii Fit is pure profit for Nintendo.
  • $20 Manufacturing – Balance board is ~$19 while the software (and I assume case, manual, inserts) is ~$1.
  • $18 Retailers – The article states retailers usually get 20% while larger big box stores may get a little more.
  • $5 Marketing – print, TV, etc.
  • $2 R&D – It takes a lot of duckets to come up with this stuff!

The article states that 20 million copies of Wii Fit have been sold worldwide. Do the math. Nintendo is rich thanks to the popularity of the Wii Fit.


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