Wii Sports Resort?

My kids want this game. In fact this afternoon they told me that they wanted this game for completing their summer sticker charts. First a little digression is in order. My oldest son went to a private school for kindergarten through second grade. When it was time for my second born son to start school, my wife and I gave it careful consideration and decided that she would try home schooling both of the boys. My wife is not only a very brave lady, but a saint. There is no way I would have the patience for being “stuck” [my word, not hers] with the kids all day. Not only does she do a good job, but they are about to start home school year three in a couple of weeks.

That is a lot of digression to say that during the summer break my oldest son earns some stickers for math activities, while the middle guy gets stickers for reading activates. Last year they decided to double team mom and dad, complete their charts, and ask for Mario Kart Wii. This year they have decided that they want Wii Sports Resort. As a gaming dad it is kind of hard to say no to this type of motivation. Do good in school and dad gets to play a new game? Sounds like a great use of a motivational sticker chart to me.

This brings us to GamerDad. It has been a while since I linked to one of their articles, but their review of Wii Sports Resort has me convinced that I will enjoy this game. Rather my kids should earn this one for completing their sticker charts.

If my overly glowing review hasn’t convinced you to try the game out, there’s very little I have left to tell you. It is definitely a casual game and not one that has deep strategic decisions or require hard core gaming skills. However, all the games present an enjoyable activity to learn and master, and players who simply must have a challenge can try to perform well enough to acquire all the stamps. Perhaps the only negative I can find to say about the game is the lack of online support in any manner. However, this style of game is far better suited for head to head competition when players are in the same room. In a typical Nintendo fashion, the game is not groundbreaking in what is presents, so much as how final result is a polished and fun game with a strong appeal to a wide audience.

Seems like good clean fun for the boys (and maybe they will let dad in on the action).


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