Tom Glavine on the mend?

I have not spent too much time with the Braves this off season. I have my doubts … rather thoughts … about the current lineup, but will reserve my comments until the final roster is announced.

It looks like Glavine is well on his way to a successful recovery.

In his second Grapefruit League start, Glavine recorded three strikeouts while relying on a well-located mix of changeups and 79-81 mph fastballs.

Glavine has allowed five hits and no walks in seven scoreless innings of two starts against the New York Mets and Tigers, after starting out with three scoreless innings in a March 16 intrasquad game.

Of course Cox thinks Glavine looks good. You know I think that Cox would call a painted turd, a good looking nugget of previous deliciousness. That is way I love Cox; ever the optimist.


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