Trading down from Tommy.

I am really not sure what Auburn was thinking when they fired … err … forced Tommy Tuberville to resign … err … accepted Tuberville’s decision to step down … um … paid Tuberville 5 million plus to get the hell out of dodge.

So the best Auburn could do was Gene Chizik. WTF is a Chizik? God bless you!

I really do not get this one. I can understand that the alumni are disenfranchised with Tuberville, and want to go in a different direction. I can even understand calling on a former Auburn coach. All that is well and good, but is Chizik the best Auburn could do? How in the world is his hiring going to energize the fan base? Are the recruits going to start singing the “I needs me some Chizik” song and dance, and come running to the Plains of Alabama? Not likely.

OK, let me get this out. I have nothing against Chizik. Probably a good man and his credentials certainly peg him as a damn good assistant coach. Key word is assistant – it is not like he was on everyone’s radar as the next great head coach.

Alas, poor Auburn is going to look back on this one in a few years and long for the days of Tuberville. Funny how fast the faithful forget 13-0 seasons.


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