Weekend Shooting with the R1. Chipmunk surprise.

I spent some time this weekend shooting with the R1, and have posted some pictures for your viewing enjoyment. There is a nice (non graphic) shot of a chipmunk available via a link. Graphic violence on demand.

The following is a picture of my normal plinking and paper punching area as soon from my deck. Not a great picture, but you can get the lay of the land, see a couple of the feeders, and the general backdrop for my shots. The target area is about 17-20 yards away depending on my position. The deck affords me several shooting positions. Anything from a rest on a windowsill, to sitting, standing, etc.

Backyard Target #1

The next picture is an enlarged version of the shooting area. Interesting to note that for the paper targets I was testing several different pellets. Upper right-hard part of the target was with Beeman Silver Ace pellets (15.24 gr), which produced clean cuts, but did not group well. Beeman Crow-Magnum (18.20 gr) and RWS Superdome (14.5 gr) were used in the other areas.

The beer cans were all punched with Crosman Premier pellets – what I like to call the good stuffs! The cans on their side have multiple shot placements in the same hole. The Champaign Girl on the Moon gives me a decent challenge; figure if I can hit this on demand I should be able to dot any Tree Rat right between the eyes.

Backyard Target #2

This one is along the side of my property. A nice 22 or so yard target with plenty of crap for a backdrop. I can actually use this area at night to setup a 12 yard shooting area because there is plenty of light available in my backyard.

Driveway Target #1

The next picture tells the story of the driveway shooting area. You can see that I have a couple of Miller Lite cans setup on some cinderblocks. If you look closely you can see that I was going after the 1 inch by 1 inch barcode area on the right can. I hit it dead center. My shooting position is from a sitting position, using my knee as a rest for my arm/elbow.

Driveway Target #2

This chipmunk was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I was setting up for another shot, he came barking at me from inside one of the holes on the right cinder block. I do not really wish any ill will towards chipmunks, but these guys are digging like crazy around the foundation of the garage apartment and around the deck. I figured as long as it was going to bark at me, I would bark right back …

Click on the “large” version a super big detailed version. I took Mr. Munk head-on. Was aiming between the eyes, and landed a shot just to the side of his left eye. The little dude flew straight back on impact, and was dead on contact. Completely clean kill shot, surprisingly without any mess. A 22 yard shot between the eyes is really a testament to accuracy of the R1 with Crosman Premier pellets. That or I am becoming a decent shot with the R1.

I also took out a Tree Rat, but that is another story for another day.


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