Saturday roundup.

I was 1-1-1 on the day. Not as good as I would like, but certainly not terrible for continuing to sort out the new Beeman R1. The “shepherds hook” squirrel from an earlier post decided to come back and make another go of the feeder. Of course, per Calvert Rules [section 4(a) for those keeping score at home], that makes the squirrel a tree rat, and thus fair game.

The varmint decided to climb back up the feeder, and attacked the casing for all its worth in order to get to the tasty thistle. Silly tree rat, the thistle is for the finches.

So while the tree rat was trying to gnaw its way into the feeder, I was taking careful aim, considering the mistake from earlier in the morning. I let loose a Crosman Premier from the R1. The pellet struck with devastating consequences. I dropped the tree rat like a rock, but in typically tree rat fashion, it managed to flip and flop for a few seconds before expiring. There was no way I was going to let this one get away, so I decided to put a second pellet into the critter, but it was really unnecessary, because the first one from the R1 had already done the deed.

In addition to taking on some tree rats, I did some plinking and paper punching. So far, out of the box, Crosman Premier pellets are just a little sort of awesome. I also shot some Beeman Silver Ace pellets (15.24 gr), but they did not group well. They seem decent for paper punching, leaving a nice clean neat hole, but at this point I would not use them to take out tree rats.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I think I still have another unopened tin or two to try in the R1. Plus there should be another gathering of tree rats. Seems like the perfect weekend to me!


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