NCAA Football 09 – It sucks. It rules. Will it be patched?

NCAA Football 09By now the lines are drawn. You either love the game, or you hate the game. I do not think there is much middle ground on this one.

Bill Harris pretty much hates NCAA Football 09, as he has pointed out in a series of articles. Click here, here, and here for all the reasons that NCAA Football 09 has failed Mr. Harris.

I am a fan of Bill’s site, but I do not think the game is all that. Certainly not perfect, but for me still fun. Such is the world of opinions; they keep things interesting.

Maybe there is relief in sight. According to Operation Sports and Pasta Padre, a gameplay patch will be released in September

The second patch, which is intended to improve different gameplay elements, is still in the evaluation period. Right now a reasonable expectation on when this patch will arrive is September. So far it will include fixes to sliders, improvements to kick/punt return coverage, and various tuning to areas such as zone coverages, man vs RBs, and strafe catching. There will be more included in the patch but as of now those are the things that are confirmed.

Of course by September no one may notice; everyone will be playing Madden. Still, for college football fans, some simple improvements to NCAA Football 09 will make a fun game even better.


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