Deal Alert! PlayStation Store Summer 08 Sale

PlayStation StoreIf you are looking for some cheap PS3 games, check out the Summer 08 Sale

For one week, the following titles will be offered for $4.99 (regularly priced at $9.99)

* PixelJunk Monsters
* High Velocity Bowling
* High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
* Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

I am not sure about PAIN or Rocketman, but PixelJunk Monsters is well worth $4.99. I am going to take up the offer on High Velocity Bowling and High Stakes; seems to be a great deal.

I am also going to pick up 1942: Joint Strike for $9.99, which is a little high, but should be a cool game.

Based on the popular arcade series, 1942: Joint Strike combines classic top-down shooting with amazing 3D HD graphics. Maneuver aircraft carriers to take on waves of enemy fire and face off with huge enemy bosses. Recruit a wing man locally or online to employ Joint Strike attacks, combining firepower into one explosive barrage. With a whole new arsenal, prepare to rejoin the battle!

I wish Everyday Shooter was part of this deal; that is one game that I want to try, but have not picked up yet.

The PixelJunk Eden demo is also being downloaded. This is one game that looks very cool; very different sort of game.

Finally, I pulled down the Calling All Cars game (free for Qore subscribers), but have not given it a whirl yet. Too many games … not enough time.


4 thoughts on “Deal Alert! PlayStation Store Summer 08 Sale”

  1. Toys R Us has a Buy 1 get 50% off second game sale.

    I picked up GTA4 and MGS4 for $90 plus tax.

    Sale until Saturday.

  2. They have some of the sports games released last fall for $40 or $50.

    Burnout Paradise is $40 as is Skate.

    I think the 2K games are $30.

    Couldn’t find FIFA 08, which is the one I wanted.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Toys R Us sale. I don’t think I can throw down any more money on games right now. I have yet to open MGS4, and now have a bunch on PSN games to play.

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