A night and day of racing.

Firecracker, Pepsi, Coke, etc. I call it night racing at Daytona. And what an interesting race it was. I really expected Gordon or Junior to take the checkered flag, but as is often the case at Daytona, interesting things happen inside the final laps. Gordon did have to work through some early handling issues, but towards the end his car was solid. Earnhardt should have had the car to beat, but at a restrictor track, you have to have a willing dance partner.

Daytona at Night © espn.com

Daytona at Night © espn.com

In the end, it was not to be for Gordon, who I think was being diplomatic about his spinout with two laps to go. Too much blocking and rearview mirror watching? Maybe. Gordon really needed this one. He ran too well not to get a Top 5 finish.

I like a photo finish as much as the next guy, but having to turn to video, scoring loops, timers, etc to see who beat who when the final caution flag was waved is a piss poor way to end a solid night of racing.

Since the NASCAR boys are done for the day, I can turn my racing attention to today’s race at Watkins Glen (hopefully ABC will come through with a HD broadcast).
Watkins Glen LogoI have not watched a lot of IRL races this year, but this one will line up with my schedule.

While I am on racing, WTF is wrong with FOX? It stinks that as soon as NASCAR went to TNT, FOX decided that we want to watch tap delayed F1. If there is nothing else going on, maybe, but I may just watch the live scoring instead. Thanks a lot FOX; way to treat us F1 and SPEED fans.


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