Georgia improbable SEC Champions

OK, throw me on the bandwagon.  I do not really follow college basketball, at least not until it is time for tournament season.  Georgia’s SEC experience should have been one and done.  This year the Bulldogs managed to win four times in SEC play, so I certainly was not expecting much.  Instead, Georgia managed to take out Mississippi 97-95 in OT, followed by back-to-back Saturday wins over Kentucky (64-60) and Mississippi State (64-60).

Georgia was forced to double up on Saturday because a tornado damaged the Georgia Dome, postponing their game, forcing the SEC to move to the bumble bees’ arena (that would be GA Tech for those of you keeping score at home).   Who knew the Bulldogs had it in them to win twice in one day?  Today they followed up Saturday’s minor miracle with a nice with over Arkansas, which propelled the Dawgs to SEC Champs, and surely spoiled the hopes of some poor team sitting on the bubble.

So Georgia makes the NCAA Tournament with a 17-16 record (4-10 SEC), but they equaled their SEC win total in the last four days.  I guess this is why they call it March Madness.

Next up is Xavier, in theory, the top team in the Atlantic 10, but unlike Georgia, they did not win their conference tournament.

Go Dawgs!


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