MLB 08 The Show – what about the gameplay?

Sony is getting smarter with their official blog, which they can use to help pimp their upcoming titles, and reach out to their fan base. The recent MLB 08 entry is a good example.

“This year, we added over 500 more gameplay animations. That number doesn’t even include the presentations, personal pitcher deliveries and batter stances (including their own personal walk up sequences). The pitcher batter duel is also an area where we put a lot of focus. Personalizing pitchers breaks, how they attack the batter/user and the adjustments that the pitchers make based on the users tendencies all were improved upon.”

I did not try the PS3 version last year, but have been a fan of the PSP games. I am sure both versions will be pretty, but I want the developers to concentrate on quicker games (under thirty minutes), realistic statistics, and of course quality AI. The article talks about situational awareness, but pretty much from a graphical standpoint.

I hope Sony goes all out and provides some nice PS3 to PSP options, gives us 1080p support, and plenty of online support (say online leagues). I am not sure that I will play online, but it would be nice to be able to setup some leagues.

It should be interesting to see what Sony throws up for their weekly MLB 08 nuggets, but so far I have not placed a preorder. I am waiting to see something that knocks my socks off.


2 thoughts on “MLB 08 The Show – what about the gameplay?”

  1. From what i’ve been reading on IGN, the game sounds really cool. It seems they’re putting a lot of effort into making the game as realistic as possible, even taking time to make the crowd reach for home runs and hang K’s. I also like the sound of the progressive batter performance, which puts you in a slump if you start doing bad, and vice versa. I’m willing to give this a try.

  2. Angela – I think this year’s game is certainly going to be worth a try. I did not pick it up last year because I was not convinced that the PS2 to PS3 translation was really next generation-ish. I am also a lot more reluctant to throw down $60 on a game (epically if I am also getting the PSP version).

    I think things like you mention (crowd interaction) is important to making a more realistic experience, but I would rather the developers spend more time getting the game right. Hot and cold streaks could be interesting. I would like to see a game where the AI actually walks batters, the AI will accept walks, realistic ball physics when the ball hits the ground or wall, hits are placed all over the field, and a game can be played in under 25 minutes. I know, I know. Lots to ask.

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