Feeling Blu

Amazon has been running some really nice Blu-ray sales. Disney 50% off sales, buy two get one free (forget the studio, but obviously not Universal or Paramount), and last week up to 53% off of 200+ different Blu-ray movies.

I used this as an opportunity to pick up a few different movies that I have wanted to add to my small Blu-ray collection.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Disney was nice enough to include the bonus content from the DVD release, which is one of my biggest rants with Blu-ray releases. They often do not include all the extras released on DVD. I can only assume that this is for a chance to double-dip with another release at a later date. No doubt that there will be an Ultimate Pirates Collector Edition of some sort. Maybe not this year, but everyone knows it is coming in the not too distance future. I digress. I have not seen any of the Pirates movies; having been waiting to get all three so I can watch them back-to-back-to-back. Picked it up for $19.99.
  • Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut. Great example of a Blu-ray release that does not include the DVD bonus content. I only picked this up because Ridley Scott is a phenomenal directory. Another decent deal at $19.49. If it stinks or is not worth keeping for a second viewing, hopefully I can pull in $15 or so on eBay or use it for a decent trade.
  • Casino Royale. Everyone says that this is a great way to show off an HDTV. Besides it is Bond. James Bond. Been waiting to get this one at the right price for a long time; $19.49 was the right price.
  • Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy. This one includes some Spider-Man 2.1 DVD bonus content, but nothing from the Spider-Man Deluxe DVD edition. What gives with the lack of extras? I expect my high def releases to contain the most amazing video and audio quality available, along with all the features money can buy. After all, compared to DVD releases, Blu-ray disks have more storage capacity and they cost more. For $43.49 I expect to receive all the features and extras available on the various DVD editions of the movies.
  • Blade Runner (5-Disc Complete Collector’s Edition). I did not pick this one up as part of any of the sales, but how can you go wrong for $27.95? In fact, this one was the first movie I watched; incredible after 20+ years.

In other Blu-ray news, my replacement Pirates COTBP disk has some issues when I hit the 1:26:05 mark in the movie. The disk refuses to properly play, view, or otherwise skip through the next 2 or so minutes of the movie. I did not have this problem with the original “bad frame” version of the movie. I contacted Disney to see next steps; will report later. I have not had any issues with my other Blu-ray movies, so I assume (and hope) this is just an issue with this individual disk.

Keep it Blu!


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