Christmas Eve

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!  A few random thoughts before we move on to Christmas time.

Sierra Pro Lives Again.  No idea how or why, but the gun cocked fine yesterday morning, which made for a fun filled day of shooting paper and plinking.  Alas, no squirrels, but still plenty of fun.

The Sierra Pro definitely likes Crosman Premier Super Match (7.9 gr) and Beeman H&N Match wadcutter (8.09 gr) pellets better than anything else I have tried.  I am working on a write-up; maybe later this week.

After last night, I am 4 – 2 with my 2007 Bowl predictions.  It is a good thing I do not put money on this stuff.  The first six games pretty much sucked, were pointless, and not worth watching, but I watched a few minutes of each anyway.  We get a couple of days off before Bowl season resumes on December 26.

I have spent a little time with WoW last weekend.  For those few of you wondering what and where, I am currently adventuring in Dustwallow Marsh.  Last night I found my first “blue” item, a Midnight Mace, but it is not something that my mage can use.  I need to see if I can train to learn how to use a mace, or if I need to throw it up on the Auction House.

The Atlanta Falcons stink.  Before the season started I predicted five wins; these guys are even worse than I expected.  Hopefully a decent draft pick is in order.

Family time with the Grinch last night, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer this afternoon, Candlelight service tonight, and then Santa time.  Some neat stuff is in order for the kids tomorrow; more to come on that later.


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