Console Rumors Galore

It looks like a PS3 price drop is imminent no matter Sony does to deny that a price drop will be in full force by next weekend.  I think the current price point of $599 is much too expensive for the mass market.  Sony will only reach diehard fans (looking at myself in the mirror I suppose), gamers looking for a compliment to their shinny new HD TV (reflection in the mirror again), or maybe a high end Blu-ray system.

With the PS3 priced at $499, the system is still probably $100 to $150 to high for the mass market, but I think it will be enough of a price drop to help get Sony back on track.  I still think Sony needs to offer more incentives.  Once the price drops you will still be able to get 5 Blu-ray movies for free (use the search feature for the link), but I think Sony should offer a free game to really sweeten the pot.

Sony fans will have to wonder if the $100 price drop is enough.  Me?  I am comfortable with my purchase.  Not only do I have a great console, but I also have an awesome Blu-ray system to compliment my Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500.  There are a lot of interesting titles on the horizon, and I am sure that more info will come from E3.  No matter; Sony fans (you know the ones I am talking about) still have to worry because Microsoft and Nintendo have all the momentum.

Message boards run rampant with flames about how much money Sony is taking up the pipe with every PS3 system sold.  They are probably right, but does Sony have anything on the Microsoft charge back that is coming for the Xbox 360?  Earlier this week Microsoft announced that they are going to make things right for 360 owners that have had to pay for out of warranty repairs (for certain types of problems, cough, red right of death, cough).  In addition, Microsoft will extend their 360 warranty for up three years.  How much will this cost?  $1.05 to $1.15 billion.  Yes, billion.  Ouch.  Looks like console makers from Japan to Washington are taking it up the pipe.

For Microsoft, the worm has turned.  A few years ago, all developers led with PS2 games, followed by ports to the Xbox.  The Xbox ports often looked a little better, but it was usually a case of the developers not putting in the extra effort to really make the Xbox games shine.  The situation is now reversed.  Most major developers and publishers are developing for the 360, and porting to the PS3.  This is contributing to much anguish for PS3 owners.  While I cannot count frames, the whole of Sony-Nation is up in arms that NCAA Football 2008, Madden 2008, and 2K Sports non-NFL licensed entry all run at 30 FPS on the PS3, while running at 60 FPS on the 360.  Sony has already admitted that there is work to do when a game is ported to the PS3.  Why is Sony not helping the developers and publishers make their games shine on the PS3?  Seems like it would be money well spent.

I was going to comment on the Wii, but Q1 at Silverstone is almost over, so it is time to stop and get on with Saturday.
I do know one thing; next week will be very interesting for console fans.

Happy Saturday!


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