WoW – A Daunting Task

There are a couple of guys at work that I consider pretty serious WoW gamers.  These are guys with multiple L70 characters, which got me to thinking.  My mage just made L38, and is about 20% of the way to L39.  If I manage to clear one level per week, I am not going to hit L70 until January or February of 2008.  Yikes!

A level per week may not seem that unrealistic, but I would have to spend around 5 hours a week just to meet this goal.  Is 5 hours per week unrealistic?  For some weeks it may not be, but I only have so much free time a week to devote to gaming.  I doubt I would ever spend it all on WoW.  I think it has taken me 4-6 hours per level for the last three levels, and that is probably being a little generous.  In other words, I need to hit 20% of my experience bar each hour to stand a chance.  Ouch.  Even if I could manage 10 hours per week (and that is not going to happen), I would not reach L70 until October.

The long and short of it is that I have a whole new appreciation for those of you that have managed to reach every increasing heights in WoW.  For me, the reality of the time required to hit L70 is a daunting task.


2 thoughts on “WoW – A Daunting Task”

  1. Since TBC was released, I have already leveled a Shaman to 47 in very on and off play (in addition to my main raiding characters to 70). Get to work :-)!

  2. I doubled up last night. Instead of my usual 20% experience in an hour, I did about 40% in 45 minutes. If I can do that again tonight and once over the weekend, I should hit L39 this weekend.

    I plan to spend some quality time with F1CE, Elder Scrolls, and maybe make a keep/sell decision on Resistance this weekend. In other words, games outside of WoW are going to keep me away from L40 range this weekend. Maybe … I want the portal spell. Not sure why since I do not play in groups, but it looks darn cool. And I think I am in chicken mount range, so maybe WoW will get more time then I figured.

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