I need to purchase a new cellular phone that will work with Microsoft Exchange. The IT folks recommend the Samsung BlackJack for those of us that need a PDA and push email. The phone is pretty cheap through my carrier Cingular, ooops I meant AT&T, and I was all set to go get one next week.

But then my Dad called last night.

My parents are pretty much life-long Sprint users. And by life-long I mean as long as there have been cellular phones. They are also Mac clones. No they aren’t in publishing, but they are in the only other place where Macintosh’s flourish – higher education. Being scientists they don’t have to worry about preparing students for the real business world (as I do), so they use everything Apple-made and have as long as Apple has been around.

My Dad called and said, “We’re with AT&T now! We’re in the iPhone queue! Life is good!”

This became relevant because after looking at the BlackJack, I decided I wanted a more computer-like (as opposed to Blackberry) interface and was leaning toward AT&T’s 8525 PDA. There’s much less of a price difference between an iPhone and 8525 than an iPhone and a BlackJack.

Then I read the data plan pricing. For 20$ above my current plan’s price, I get unlimited data. Hmmmmmm.

At first I thought, seems like a nice phone but there’s no way they will include Microsoft Exchange compatibility. A quick google search proved that assumption wrong – Apple plans to include this with the phone.

I’ll wait and see how my parents like the phone and the reviews start rolling in, but I am leaning heavily toward picking one of these up in the near future. Hope they are more available then the Wii!


One thought on “iPhone”

  1. One of the reviews said it’s more of a handheld computer — bigger screen than most phones, full browser, HTML mail, iPod — which is lacking such traditional phone functions like voice-dialing and MMS (of course you could use email, which doesn’t cost extra like MMS often does).

    Yeah the plans aren’t that bad. Engadget had a chart showing various plans on Cingular, as well as costs of their other smart phones and then total 2-year cost.

    The iPhone was still higher but not by as much as people would have expected.

    I went ahead and bought an unlocked Nokia E61i acouple of weeks ago because I didn’t want to be locked into a 2-year contract. Plus I plan to use it overseas.

    Of course, there’s a lot of room for better specs. and lower prices in coming years.

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