WoW Monday

Since Chris threw down the gauntlet, I had to play some WoW tonight (second time in the last few days), but I am nowhere near closing in on 70th level.  I guess I am just not good at leveling, grinding, power gaming, or whatever you want to call it.  I have a nice little quest in front of my right now where I am taking on some L38-40 bad guys; each are good for around 500XP per kill (thanks to rest state experience catch-up).  I took out about 10 of these guys before calling it a night, which puts me just under half-way to L38.  I figure I could grind here 2-3 more times this week for about 30 minutes, and maybe, just maybe, I can level.

When I first started playing, Chris said get to L60.  Now it is get to L70.  I am just not so sure I have it in me, which makes me a WoW flunky or something.  I still have not been on a raid or played though an instance, so maybe I just more cut out to be a console gamer.  That reminds me; I still need to open Elder Scrolls.


2 thoughts on “WoW Monday”

  1. This game is a time sink. Takes forever to get to 70 and then you get the “fun” rep grind. Once you’re done with that, then it’s raiding and leveling that new character. There’s a reason why I only play two games at the moment :-). WoW isn’t for the time challenged or those with multiple games they want to play.

  2. Funny you say that – WoW is not for the time challenged. Inspired by you (I guess) I spent some time with the game last night. This morning I spent about 25 minutes playing before work; good for about 4K experience. At lunch today I spent about 20 minutes; good for another 4K. So now I am about 30K short of L38. Doubt I can do that tonight, but I am sort of determined to get there now. Then I will probably not play for another week or two. :)

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