Taking stock of the PS3’s library.

Yesterday my wife asked what I ordered from monoprice.com. I explained that I ordered a new HDMI cable, but did not explain why – just that that I needed a new cable, and the prices were much better than what I could find at Best Buy, Circuit City, or any other electronics store. Off the hook (for now); no more questions followed.

This morning I told my wife that I was picking up a PS3 this weekend. She knows I have been selling junk over the last few months to build up some cash for some sort of purchase – PS3, Wii, new surround sound system, etc. A simple OK; she said I deserved one.

Now I have a ton of questions like what games should I get? I have been reading reviews for the last few weeks, and all I can say is that in general the state of reviews these days is not so good. At any rate, I am leaning towards some combination of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, Formula One Championship Edition, and Resistance Fall of Man for my initial purchase. I think I can stomach two games ($120 + tax = ouch), but pretty much every game has some downside.

Elder Scrolls is supposed to be a great RPG, but I already have a backlog of Final Fantasy (and a few others) to play. Throw in WoW, and maybe Elder Scrolls does not make much sense.

I have always been a sucker for F1 games – I have every one released on the PSX – so yet another F1 game may not be such a great purchase. Besides, I have been playing the heck out of GT4 of late; too much racing may make me grumpy.

The only reason I am considering Resistance is because it is supposed to be a “showcase” title for the PS3. I am not really a FPS fan, and anyone that has followed by ramblings for a while knows how I feel about online games.

Hmmm … where does this leave us? The easy answer may be to rent games over the next few weeks (or months) until some solid titles arrive. I have not rented games in years. Besides, I am not even sure what rentals go for these days, and I do not plan to start some sort of subscription service (i.e. GameFly). Warrants further investigation.

One thing I am certain of is that I am not going to go with any of the existing sports titles because newer versions are on the way. I can wait for this year’s NASCAR, Madden, and NCAA Football – all targets on my radar. I have not purchased Madden in a while, so I think the only reason to get this year’s version is for eye candy. I have not owned a version of EA’s NASCAR in forever, so that purchase may make some sense. What will NCAA Football offer over last year’s PS2 version? More decisions.

The other sports games do not really float my boat. The reviews for the MLB titles have been disappointing. Fight Night? Looks great, but I am not into boxing. Tiger Woods? Never played my PSP version; I am just not a golfer. Hockey titles? Do they still make those? Right now I could care less about the NBA, and I just do not see me getting into College Hoops right now.

So that leaves me with other choices such as MotorStorm, Virtua Fighter 5, and a whole host of other crap that just does not interest me. So ruling out the miscellaneous crap, I am left with almost no other PS3 gaming options. I am not going to kid myself and pretend that I will get my money’s worth from a fighter such as Tekken 5 or Virtua Fighter 5; just not going to happen.

This is actually kind of depressing. I have plenty of PS2 games, OOTPB, and WoW to occupy my limited gaming time; maybe I should not purchase a PS3 right now.

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions.


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  1. Sony is fighting quite a fight i know.The descision may be hard.i however remain a loyal sony fanboy and il get it no questions asked.but if you ask which console has more games and better ones the answer isnt the ps3.at least not now.although im patient,and i know 10 years down the line id so not regret it.

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