Looking towards the draft (NBA style)

With the NFL draft approaching in a couple of weekends, I was actually looking forward to the NBA draft. Why? The Atlanta Hawks posted one of the worst records in the league, with a final tally of 30 wins to 52 in the wrong column; only three teams finished the 2007 season with a lower win total (Memphis, Boston, Milwaukee).

Let’s face it – the Hawks suck. I know they are young and had a lot of injuries this year, but they have not been halfway decent in forever. Why would I want to watch? There is nothing compelling going on with the Hawks, at least not from the standpoint of someone who has given up on the NBA. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Atlanta Hawks may land Ohio State’s Greg Oden or better yet, Texas’ Kevin Durant on June 28.

Obviously I could care less about today’s NBA, but landing a talent like Durant may be a difference maker for me.

Then reality hit. More than likely Atlanta is not going to get Oden or Durant, in which case the Hawks will probably continue to suck. The Suns own the Hawks’ first round pick unless the Hawks land one of the top three spots. One would think the front office brass could improve the team if they could add a Top 10 pick, but unless the balls bounce right, it sounds like they are not going to get a chance to find out.


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