Thrashing about

I written enough about HD and my Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500 for everyone to know I think the TV is wonderful for HD viewing pleasure.  However, no matter how good the HD broadcast, I still cannot get into hockey.  I tried to watch some of the Rangers/Thrashers game yesterday, but I just cannot seem to hit the sweet spot with the sport.

I will continue to follow hockey, casually, much as I follow (at a distance) many other sports.  The Thrashers are now down 2-0, which is not a good start for their first post season trip.  I have no idea what they need to do to turn around the series; changing goalies did not do the trick.

Everyone says that there is nothing like seeing the game live (may do this one day yet), but I have also been told that HD broadcasts would do the trick because you can see more of the rink, most of the players, and it is easier to follow the puck.  A few years ago I tried some of the hockey games on the PSX and PS2, but no dice.  Everyone loves a winner, so maybe Atlanta will make a major comeback, advance to the next round, and give me another reason to make a go of it.


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