Usual Stuff

The usual stuff has been going on of late.  Not a whole lot of gaming time, but I did spend an hour with WoW the other night.  Funny; sort of forgot how to pay, so my hunter and his pet snow leopard quickly made for the graveyard.  I have also found myself spending some quality time with OOTPB 2007, which looks to be everything OOTPB 2006 should have been (and more).  Thankfully, Chris is about to switch the IOSBL from 2006 to 2007; good riddance 2006, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Team USA had a rather up and down week.  Donovan had a hat trick in a 3-1 victory over Ecuador, but to me all the good stuff was lost due to the scoreless draw with Guatemala.  For every reason Ecuador was a good win, Guatemala was a bad draw.  I only got to see the back half of the Guatemala game, but I do not understand why we cannot seem to field a half-way decent defensive line.  I can understand that quality strikers may be impossible to come by (those with true world class talent), but it should not be that hard for the US to get some quality defenders.

Rumors are swirling that the Falcons are going to make a play for the bumblebee’s Calvin Johnson.  The Falcons need a lot of help, but if we are going to be 100% committed to Vick, we may as well go after someone that can help him.  It would be refreshing to have a receiver that could actually catch a ball.  I think signing Joe Horn pretty much means the Falcons will not go WR with the first pick, but maybe they will surprise me.  Why not bring in Horn to teak Jenkins, White and a young Johnson how to play the position?  White is going to be a bust unless he does something this year; with Horn on the roster, White is probably gone by mid-June.

Hard to believe that baseball season is upon us.  I should really find time to write something meaningful about the upcoming season, but Joseph is crying, so my time here is done.  For now.  Happy Saturday!


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