No gaming; lots of bad TV

Funny thing about Calvert #3 is that my gaming has rapidly decreased.  It is not like I do not want to play anything, but finding the time or energy is another story.  A good example; it is five minutes short of 4AM right now, and I am up with Joseph, giving Tonya a much needed break.  So I am watching bad TV, not getting a lot of sleep, and pretty much killing any chance I have of wanting to play anything tonight.  After work, soccer practice, and getting the kids to bed, I am going to be completely shot.

It has been this way for the last six weeks.  I am going to have to make a WoW decision; I just threw away $15 in February, not even logging 5 minutes with the game.  Then there is the stuff I would like to play – MVP 07 (still pissed about the rosters, but I do want to play), and the Christmas games – God of War, Gun, and Final Fantasy XII.  My UK trip this weekend will give me some playing time, but probably not enough to write home about.  Maybe that in itself will be worth a story.

Meanwhile, at 4AM, the TV viewing sucks.  There is a lot of bad programming on at this time of night/day.  I am a big fan of educational type programming, but you can only watch so many reruns on Discovery, Discovery HD, History, History International, and Science channel.  It looks like there is a new Girls Gone Wild video out, but even that sucks because of the little black bars that obstruct the better part of my curiosity.  At 4AM there should be an understanding that black bars are not required.  My $5/month sports package is giving me some Boca Juniors on Fox Soccer, which is OK, but I do not like watching random soccer matches for less than an hour (I hope to get back to bed in the next hour).  What else?  Surfing, Women’s basketball, college hockey, and some no name division college basketball.  Not that I was expecting that much, but this is fairly ridiculous.


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