So Far, So Good

It took me a while to run my 20 season sim because it turns out that you need to manually resign all of your human owners assigned to teams even if the game is told to run everything via computer AI. The AI will handle everything but the DFA & waiver wire if a human owner is attached to an AI team.

It took roughly two plus hours to run the 20 season sim and that is a great improvement over Out of the Park Baseball 2006. My initial reaction to the statistics results – so far so good. League averages started at .283 and 5.35 ERA for the AL in 2006. This reflects the abysmal OOTPB 2006 development algorithm and I expected this. OOTPB 2007 quickly made adjustments and got the league average to .275 in 2007 and a league ERA at 4.87. And this is where the league average and ERA essentially stayed for the entire 20 season sim. There was some slight deviation up or down, but the results were very consistent. Same story for the NL.

The career leader boards looked very good. Two times a single player hit over .400, but one of those seasons was an OOTPB 2006 season. The highest HR total was 65 and 176 RBIs were the most during a single season. All of the pitching stats were within spec and in line with real life baseball statistics. It’s clear that the development team spent a lot of time fixing the overall league statistics performance within the OOTPB 2007 engine.

Ok, stats seem great. Next I’ll take a look at the details…


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