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I’m really, really liking the player development. One of the top four hitters in the AL in 2027 was a 23rd round pick! You’d never see that in any version of Out of the Park Baseball. The best pitcher in the AL was a second rounder and the second best pitcher was selected in the 15th round. The leagues are still producing good players in the high portions of the draft. The difference is that players drafted in the later rounds have some probability of making an impact in the big leagues.

There’s no evidence yet that anything is drastically out of whack with the sim engine. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high and feed too much to the hype machine, but OOTPB 2007 is looking pretty damned good.

I’m not going to examine too closely the AI player trades since we only use human AI in online leagues. The much discussed Commish Portal is a nice place where everything that needs to be done can be checked and automated. The only real problem I see is with DFA removal.

The way the portal is set up players can be automatically released if they have zero days left on the DFA list. A nice addition, but not necessarily a practical one. The following sequence usually occurs when I have to make a DFA decision for another owner during a sim. The first thing I do is to try and move the player with zero days to the AAA team. Only if the player refuses the assignment (assuming he’s on the DFA and cleared waivers) do I cut the player from the team. The way the Commish Portal is set up will too greatly penalize owners who for whatever reason didn’t get their export in on time. So I’ll probably leave that option off for now.

HUGE addition for online leagues – owners can now designate if the team wants to pull back a player off of waivers if claimed by another team. We’ve been forced to make all waivers irrevocable in the online world or use a fancy system to allow owners to pull back players. I do have a question about the system. If I designate a player to be pulled back and my roster has 25 players on it, where does the player go, especially if the player can refuse assignment to the minors? It’s not clear to me how the game handles this type of situation in an online setting.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Any chance of holding off on transitioning to OOTP 2007 until after this season? It just seems like a natural break to me, and I’m not 100% sure I’ll continue with the league (although I am having a better time so far this year).


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