Sunday’s Stuffs Roundup

Blu-ray: So I am walking around Target yesterday (my wife sent me to spend money at her favorite store since she was not feeling well) and while I was looking at the DVDs, I overheard a couple of young dudes talking about Blu-Ray. Conversation was along the lines of

[dude 1] “What is the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD?”
[dude 2] “Beats me. Never heard of it before.”

The interesting part of this conversation was that these guys are obviously GIs (Fort Benning is in Columbus, GA). Stereotype coming, but I expected young dudes to know the difference between Blu-Ray, DVD, and HD-DVD formats, but they did not have a clue. Sony may have missed the boat on this one.

HD Hockey: Every once in a while I try to get into hockey, but it never works. Everyone says that you have to watch the game in person, and while we do have a decent lower level minor league team in my area (not to mention the Thrashers are 90 minutes away); I can never seem to get into the sport. Last night, one of the HD channels had Nashville (vs. some other team that I cannot recall), so I tried to watch for a few minutes. I can see why everyone raves above HD hockey (better puck viewing, and more action shows on the TV at one time); I still could not get into the game. I am sure I will try again, but for now, hockey is still not sticking with this Southern boy.

How the other half live (Part I): In the February 26, 2007 SI, I read that Ken Griffy Jr. (Reds often injured outfielder) broke his left hand “horsing around with his kids on the family’s yacht in the Bahamas in December.” I can only imagine.

How the other half live (Part II): Or maybe we should title this one “how many millions is really enough?” I read in this morning’s paper that Atlanta Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney has voided his contract. Boo hiss. I realize that he is coming off of surgery, and he can make more money as a free agent, but what ever happened to team loyalty? Kerney was quoted by the AP as saying:

“I’ve only got about five more years to play, and I’ve got to make the most out of it. As great as it would have been to finish my career with Atlanta, where everybody, especially the fans, have been great to me in my eight years there, the business side is there.”

Thanks for that Patrick. I cannot honestly say what I would do in his position, but what happened to the days when players would spend their entire career with one team? The reality is that the Falcons could cut Kerney at any time – contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed – at the same time, the Falcons were not looking for a change in direction.

EA Sports is lazy: Unbelievable. Why would EA Sports be so lazy as to swap MVP 06 rosters with MVP 07 rosters? I knew that UGA did not look right, but I was really off the mark. UGA has Nebraska’s MVP 06 roster.  Seriously, WTF? I previously posted that the game was easily worth $29.99, even as a slightly updated version of last year’s game, but I have to retract that statement. MVP 07 is a lot of fun, but come on, how much money would it have cost EA Sports to update the rosters? I would suggest that PS2 owners only buy this one used or when it hits the bargain bin; $14.99 is probably a fair price.


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Stuffs Roundup”

  1. The names are not terribly intuitive.

    You do see movies advertised on TV with the tag, “Coming soon on DVD and Blu-Ray.”

    Ultimately though, HD movies on disc may never become as popular as DVD.

    Lot of the success of DVD is attributed to its form factor and convenience features more than picture quality.

    DVD may be good enough for most people, even those with HDTVs.

  2. I am happy with the HD stuff that I have seen; man I long for some HD football, but will settle for a few HD Braves games.

    DVD is good enough for me, but it is funny that I can see the difference between s-video DVD via my PS2 and HD movies on HD-HBO. Never thought I would because high-end AV is not my thing, but the picture quality from my Sony v2500 is outstanding!

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