GTA: Vice City Stories

Pretty solid game for the PSP. My wife got this for me as a Christmas present; I think it was probably $39.99 (or $49.99) at the time, but is now a nice $29.99 at most stores. I opened it for the first time earlier in the week on the flight to Costa Rica, and managed to put in a solid couple of hours with the game. On the flight back I did not play as much (maybe an hour). I think people either love the GTA series or they cannot stand the games; not a whole lot of middle ground for gamers to take it or leave it. I have always enjoyed the games because I find them fairly compelling – free roaming immersive environment, tons of fun missions, plenty of cars, great for pick-up-and play rampant destruction, great soundtracks (especially Vice City games), and just downright fun.

The only problem I have with the game is that I can only take GTA games in small doses, and I have never finished one. Of course I cannot play the game (or the PS2 counterparts) in front of the kids. Something about cussing, shooting, and hookers does not make for a family experience.

Vice City Stories features standard camera and control issues that we have come to expect with the GTA series. No real show stoppers, but it is a pain to target multiple folks, and the camera does tend to do squirrelly things from time to time.

I have not seen a deeper (non sports) game on the PSP, and the graphics are remarkable. It is hard to believe that the developers managed to get Vice City into a PSP UMD.


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