Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend Travel

Several people told me that traveling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving would suck; no parking, long lines to check in, even longer lines for security, and of course delays.  With much trepidation I decided that I would allow myself four hours for an international flight, which of course meant that I breezed in and out of check in and security in a matter of minutes; quickest ever for a flight.

Of course hanging around an airport, especially the ATL airport, is not much fun.  With a ton of time on my hands, I found a beer (or two) with a TV playing the Falcons game, and proceeded to waste the afternoon away.  The beer was OK (colds and beer do not go hand-in-hand), but the Falcons game sucked.  Man, the Falcons look bad.

Onto the flight.  Once we boarded, we sat and sat and sat.  I guess that was to make up for the less than two minute security lines.  Apparently the crew had to ‘shift’ around some luggage to ‘balance’ the plane; not something you want to hear before a flight.  After we made it in the air, I actually slept.  That was a first for me, I never sleep on planes.  I doubt it was the beer, must have been the cold.

As for PSP time, I really didn’t have any, considering I slept off and on the majority of the flight.  Prior to landing, I did fire up Madden and while the game did not freeze on me, it did some super squirrelly thing where the players went into warp drive and I resumed from a brief pause/freeze period.  This happened twice, resulting in me starting over the game twice.  Hmmm … not good.

Speaking of not good, it is not even 4:30PM in London, and it is already night.  Started getting dark around 3:45PM or so.  Not sure if I could ever get use to night so early.


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