Too Cool for School

I guess the “in” thing now is to post on a blog that you’re playing a game and “tease” everyone that you’ll post more later. This is based on a small sample of two sites – The Blog for the Sports Gamer and Dubious Quality. I’ve been on the edge of my seat first thanks to DQ and now thanks to the TBFTSG!

So in that spirit, here is a Recycle Bin teaser. I’ve been playing two games for a couple of years. They are easily the games of the past two years at least. Well, one hasn’t quite been out for two years. I’ll post more about them later!

Wait, I guess I’ve already talked about these games. A lot. Oh well…

How about this. I’ve been eating a meal. It comes on a round plate. I use a fork and knife. It’s the tastiest meal I’ve eaten since yesterday. More later!

Now that is a teaser.


One thought on “Too Cool for School”

  1. You be a funny man. I have been "in" for years because I always say I will post more later, only to get distracted by the next shinny object to cross my line of sight. Did someone say beer?

    TRBT :)

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