Decent PC Gaming Review Sites?

This is probably more for Chris, because I am not sure who else reads my crap, but just in case, I figured I would ask. Where is a decent source of PC gaming reviews? I am looking for a site or two where I can find well written reviews that target RPG and RTS games. I have not been a PC gamer for years, and I doubt I will be again anytime soon. With that said, I have this jones thing going for AoE right now, so I may as well do some reading to see what is out there popular, cult favorites, or something off the well-worn path.


6 thoughts on “Decent PC Gaming Review Sites?”

  1. hido – thanks for the response. I never would have guessed that gamespy had decent reviews. I never look at their video game reviews, because in the past the reviews were not very solid. Will give them a look-see. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, been busy with the mighty IOSBL. I don’t read PC magazines or game sites anymore. Nice to see that hido is still kicking :-). I do read the Quarter to Three forums and that’s about all these days.

  3. Chris, hope you are still having for with the conversion. :)

    I think you know how I feel about reviews, but how the heck do you find out if the next AoE expansion or whatever is worth the money? Word of mouth from friends?

    Not being a PC gamer, I am just looking for a useful site with solid content that may point me in the right direction.

  4. To be honest, I read forums for that kind of info. For example, I know that if Tom Chick likes an RTS, then I should avoid it nine times out of ten :-). Also, my days of trying to be the first with the greatest thing are over. I have World of Warcraft and OOTP. Don’t have time for anything else!

  5. Fair enough. It is not like I am going to start spending left and right on PC games. I am going to be EA’s wet dream – mainstream PC gamer. :)

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