Saturday Night Gridiron and Circle Racing Fun

The Falcons looked decent last night, but that is not saying too much considering the opposition was the Titians. Still, I was looking forward to a few things – could the Falcons establish a rushing defense, was Norwood up to the task (considering the Duckett trade), is Vick ready for the season, and finally would Shockley lock up the 3rd string QB spot? And of course I wanted to see Young in action.

Atlanta’s rushing defense looked solid, only giving up 50 or so yards on the ground. Norwood looked impressive, especially on his 62-yard TD scamper; he put in a nice tidy 100 yards on the ground. Surprisingly, Vick looked solid in the short passing game. He could have done better if his receivers helped him out; Crumpler dropped a pass in the endzone, and there were a couple of other drops including what would have been a nice gain in McCrary held onto the ball. I feel asleep before while DJ was in the game, but he ended the day a respectable 3-6 with 42 yards passing (and no INTs). Looks like DJ led a nice 14 play 60 yard drive for a FG. All in all, what I saw of the Falcons was encouraging, and what I did not see looks good for DJ fans.

I only saw Young for a couple of series, so not much to say except it is going to be fun to watch the kid develop into an NFL QB. I bet he is starting by game nine, because the Titians are going to suck this year.

Bristol under the lightsBristol under the lights is always a lot of fun, but I feel asleep with about 150 laps to go, which means I missed out on all the fun. From the looks of things the race lived up to expectations, and I have to admit that I like the new angry Jeff Gordon:

“Scott Riggs scored a season-high fourth-place finish and was followed by Jeff Gordon. The two exchanged heated words after the race, apparently disagreeing over the way they raced each other in the closing laps.”

Not sure what the flap is about, but fisticuffs makes for exciting off the track fun.


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