Stuffs Redux

I love me some stuffs, and this comes without drinking, which some of you may find as a big surprise. Of course Miller Time does not come until after lunch, and without the NFL Network on Charter, I am not sure if there is a reason for beer this afternoon. No preseason games for me today. Boo-hiss.

I noticed that Madden 07 for the Nintendo DS is going to be priced at $29.99, which is $10 cheaper than the PSP version. Not sure what the deal is there – must be the UMD nonsense. Joshua will be 8-years-old Aug 22, and he is asking for the game for his DS, so this year I may pass on the PSP version for a while I (er, rather Joshua) checks out the game on the DS. You can also pay big bucks ($69.99 for the 360; $59.99 for the PS2) for the “Hall of Fame” version of Madden. Unlike the “collectors” edition a couple of years ago, the “Hall of Fame” version does not include anything other than a bonus DVD of various not so special stuffs.

I am not sure what is new in the PS2 version this year other than the ability to control the lead blocker before returning control back to the HB. I doubt I have the dexterity to pull that one off. I wonder if the lamplighter, spotlight thing is still included this year? I did not keep Madden 06 around long enough to really give the thing a go because I thought Madden 05 was still entirely playable.

Arkansas fans will complain loudly that they would have beaten USC this year if McFadden did not have a bum toe. Sure. We all have fantasies.

Auburn’s football program has been exonerated of guilt by the school’s president. It seems that “regular” students participated in “grade boosting” so no NCAA infractions were committed. Something fun like that. We all have our faults, and we all know that SEC schools would never cheat. Seriously.

It seems that Beckham has been run off from the England squad. Young girls everyone swoon in dismay. International soccer will never be the same.

D.J. Shockley led the Falcons on the game winning drive last night (see below). Good for me; Shockley seems to be one of the good guys, so I hope he does well in ATL.

More fluff and stuff after Miller Time. Until then, please do the same.


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