Good Grief

I was pointed to a thread over at Front Office Football that is 21 pages long and filled with some of the most idiotic posts I’ve read in a long time. Nothing like taking legitimate complaints about a product and turning them into an unseemly mess. There is one thing I would like to point out about a couple of the posters in that thread. Some of them spend a lot of time helping Shaun Sullivan with his PureSim line. So I would take their colorful complaints with a big old grain of salt.

However, as I said, there are some legitimate concerns. The waiver/trade/extension AI in OOTPB 2006 seems busted at this point. You can read all 21 pages of the reactionary garbage on that forum, but that is what it boils down to.

Now, let me say something about the OOTPB 2006 beta team. All of the beta team members that chatted with me during the testing process wanted the release delayed. All of them. But you are witnessing the thankless job beta testing is both in the and OOTP forums. These testers pointed out many flaws, but the game was released anyhow. Then you get idiots like “lynchjm24″ in the boards assuming that these very dedicated and selfless baseball fans are dolts.

So who is to blame for the current state of OOTPB 2006? Sports Interactive and Markus. Period. Please stop bashing the testers.

Now, to their credit, SI is trying to fix the game and is assembling a new crew to help them with the process. Hopefully this new team will help fix the waiver/trade/extension AI and can improve the intentional walk problems. And get some people on the team who play in online leagues so they can help fix the draconian file system and make it more online league friendly.

But repeat after me – SI and Markus are responsible for the current state of their game. Nobody else.


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