Three Cheers for Chris

Thanks to Chris for keeping the action fresh around here. Of late I have been doing everything except gaming and posting. I am not going to go into tons of personal details, but my dad is pretty sick, as is my geriatric cat.

I have been reading “Game of Shadows” a fairly interesting read, but you have to wonder about the credibility of an ex mistress. I don’t doubt for a minute that a ton of folks were on something, including Bonds, so it is not as if everyone should be surprised.

Remus “Ming Fu” (my Shih Tzu) likes beer. Not sure why that is important to write about right now, but it is pretty funny. He accidentally knocked over a beer bottle one night, and enjoyed lapping in the mess. Now he intentionally knocks over my beer at every opportunity. So he is trying for a beer right now while I am watching Team USA’s lackluster performance vs. Jamaica (1-1 at the half).

I keep thinking I am going to have some gaming time at some point soon, but there is always another something in the way. I have tons of stuff to play and write about when I get around to finding the time.

Not sure what the last post (Chris’ previous Just to be Clear) is about, but I remember the days when publishers/reviewers asked if I would give their game a “favorable” score if I was provided with a review copy, interview, or other such collateral. Chris can probably go into more details than I can, but the game review industry can be rather disenchanting. My game reviewing days are long behind me.

Chris, thanks again keeping things up and running.


One thought on “Three Cheers for Chris”

  1. Thanks! Cutting back on OOTP online leagues helped me get back into the posting groove.

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