The Old Software Stuff

This is fairly off topic, but today I was cleaning out another box of junk. Forget that this should have been done before we moved, not now, but I digress. Among the Good Will goodies were Borland software aplenty – Turbo C++, ObjectVision, and Turbo Pascal. Not sure why I hung onto this stuff for so long. It is not like I have a working 5 1/4″ FDD; actually I did, but I put this into the Good Will pile as well. Seriously, when I ever try to hook up that sort of relic again?

I also parted with the original Sim City. I burned countless hours on that game my freshman year in college. I also found Sim Ant; never did much with it despite actually liking ants. That is a story for another day; remind me sometime and I will share.

I also uncovered Master of Magic and the Official Strategy Guide along with Sim City 2000. I kept both of those. Not sure if I will play them again anytime soon (Windows XP will never allow it to happen), but MoM is only of my all time favorite games.

Figured someone could appreciate the clutter and the old time gaming classics.


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