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As Chris has said in his previous posts, we are still here. Lately I have had little time to play games, such is life I guess. I did have my parents keep the kids overnight last night, so Tonya and I could sneak away for a nice Valentines date in Atlanta. The food was awesome – not the typical Columbus fare, and of course a night at a hotel without the kids is worth every penny.

Hopefully I am going to have some game time in the next week or so (one can always dream). Time to catch up on MVP 06, WE 9, Football Manager, and of course Out of the Park Baseball. Interestingly enough, I spent a decent amount of time in the bookstore this morning looking at the baseball section. That was the first time I did that in years. Baseball must be returning to my blood.

Still not sure what all the WoW fuss is about, but if it is enough to cause Chris to drop some OOTP online leagues, then it must be truly addictive.


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  1. It’s the cooperative aspect of WoW that has really increased the enjoyment of playing the game for me the last several weeks. Chris and I joined a guild recently, and on Saturday night, for example, we were part of a group of 5 that went to Sunken Temple, a very Indiana Jones-ish dungeon, with a very, very large dragon at the far end. Employing your character’s ability to the maximum benefit of the team, against numerous, challenging opponents, and using Teamspeak for voice commo, makes it a different game. The human element is irreplacable.

    I hope the next version of OOTP will allow for head-to-head play, though I am not sure that the typical OOTP online league GM will be excited by how one of their 7 league teams actually goes through the 27 out process.

  2. Correction for the benefit of the WoW police. Sunken Temple is only the nickname. The real name is The Temple of Atal’Hakkar

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